6-Pak - One-Piece multi-colored tip Disposable, Food-Filling & Decorating Bags
It’s OK to play with your food! The 12" Little OodleDoodle® bag is a one-piece disposable food-decorating bag designed especially for children. Each bag has a colored attached flexible color tips, and every box of 6 contains a special twisty clip, making it easier for the little ones to handle and decorate their favorite food with NO MESS! Additionally, the 12" smaller size bag is little-hand friendly, improving hand eye coordination skills while encouraging children to be creative in the kitchen.

Quantity Each Box of Little OodleDoodles Contains 6 Disposable Bags with Attached Customizable Tips
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Easy To Use. No Mess, No Fuss!

  • One-Piece - No need to attach and dismantle a tip
  • Disposable - No need to wash and store for future use
  • Customizable Tip Selection - Always have the desired star, round or piping design on hand:
    Food-Filling Sizes : 1 inch
    French Star Sizes : 1/4 - 9/10"
    Round & Piping Sizes : 1/8 - 1/5"
  • Soft Squeezable Tip - No clogging during food-filling

Instructions - How to Use

Fill Little OodleDoodle bag with
frosting or food filling

For best results when using store - bought frosting, refrigerate after filling the Little OodleDoodle bag for 15 minutes prior to use

tip at different levels for various shapes and sizes

contents through bag tip to decorate or fill