100 Pak - 21" One-Piece, Disposable, Food-Filling & Cake Decorating Bag with Attached Tip
The OodleTip® 21", 100 piece Commercial PAK is the first of its kind - The one-piece disposable food filling & decorating bags are made of heavy duty textured material and each bag has an attached flexible no clog tip, which makes them perfect for food-filling and advance food prep. The Commercial Pak is designed specifically for commercial kitchens, from bakeries to restaurants, caterers and cruise ships. The strong sanitary disposable bag has an attached, flexible, no clog versatile tip, that allows you to choose both the tip shape and size with a quick snip of the scissors.

The Oodletip® 21" Commercial Pak contains 100 OodleTip Bags.

Each Box of OodleTips Contains 100 Disposable 21" Bags With Attached Customizable Tips
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Easy To Use. No Mess, No Fuss!

  • One-Piece - No need to attach and dismantle a tip
  • Disposable - No need to wash and store for future use
  • Customizable Tip Selection - Always have the desired star, round or piping design on hand:
    Food-Filling Sizes : 1 inch
    French Star Sizes : 1/4 - 9/10"
    Round & Piping Sizes : 1/8 - 1/5"
  • Soft Squeezable Tip - No clogging during food-filling

OodleTip Features

Retail Box Package includes: 100 disposable 16" OodleTip bags with attached tips
PAK Size & Weight: 14" X 12" and 3.5 lbs
Selectable tip designs: French Stars, Rounds and Piping
Capacity: 21 inch
Bag Material: Blend EVA and PE
Attached Tip Material: EVA COO - China
MSRP: $49.99

Instructions - How to Use

Fill OodleTip bag with
frosting or food filling

For best results when using store - bought frosting, refrigerate after filling the OodleTip bag for 15 minutes prior to use

tip at different levels for various shapes and sizes

contents through bag tip to decorate or fill