Ribbon Cupcakes

Description: Ribbon Decorated Cupakes

Main Ingredient: Frosting and Gel Food Coloring

10 Person(s) Favored
(0, 0)
2 Cup Butter Cream Frosting
1/8 Tsp Gel Food Coloring
1 Doz Prepared Cupcakes

Total Time: 0 Hrs 10 Mins


Take gel food coloring (your choice of color) and apply to the inside wall of the OodleTip, make sure you get it near the tip,but do not place the gel coloring inside the tip. Do not worry about where or how you place the gel food coloring, the idea is to simply place it as far into the bag closest to the tip as possible Close the bag and with your two hands rub the food coloring around to cover the inside of the bag on both sides, keeping the coloring toward the bottom 1/2 of the bag. Again there is no need to be exact, this process is very forgiving. Open the bag and fill with butter cream. Do not worry, just fill as you normally would. Cut tip 1/2 way at star design, and twist bag to remove all air bubbles. Test the flow to get out any additional air bubbles and to start the coloring process. You will waste approximately 2 inches until the coloring begins. Decorate cupcakes Please note: If your ribbon design looks like the color bled into the frosting you used too much food coloring, or the butter cream that you used was too soft. Make sure that butter cream is stiff. If you are using store bought frosting, refrigerate for 15 minutes prior to using, or fill bag and refrigerate entire bag until ready to use

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